Government Steel Buildings

Whether you work for the city, state, or county, or you’re shopping for government steel buildings for a branch of the military, one thing is for sure: If you promise your higher-ups that the building will be ready to go on a certain date, it had better be ready, and it had better be on-budget.

We’re not just in the business of selling some of the sturdiest, affordable, low-maintenance steel buildings on the market – we’re also in the business of making getting your new steel building delivered and built a headache-free experience.

With more than two decades in the steel building business, we truly are “small enough to know you, big enough to service you.”


Why Go with Government Steel Buildings

Steel can’t be beat when you need an affordable, durable, highly-configurable building. Steel buildings go up fast and last for ages.

Here are some extra perks you get with steel buildings:

  • Steel buildings are nearly indestructible.
  • Steel buildings are built to last – and require minimal maintenance.
  • Government steel buildings don’t have to look standard issue, either.
  • Steel buildings go up 30% faster than traditional buildings.
  • Expanding your steel building in the future is easy.
  • You can get steel buildings that meet LEED Certification guidelines.


What Sort of Government Office Buildings Do You Need?

You can get nearly any kind of steel building you need from Peak Steel because we can completely customize it to suit you. After more than two decades in the steel building business, we’ve figured out how to make a steel building work for every possible site, need, and preference.

Here are just a few of the most common uses for government steel buildings:

  • Airplane Hangars
  • Equipment Storage Buildings
  • Warehouse Buildings
  • Metal Storage Sheds
  • Government Vehicle Garages
  • Fire Stations
  • Water Treatment Facilities
  • Transit Buildings and Terminals
  • Post Office Buildings
  • Housing, Schools, and Hospitals

Along with every government steel building that comes from Peak Steel, you always get the highest quality steel buildings, guaranteed on-time and on-budget, and the kind of customer service that makes the whole process easy.