Airplane Hangar Buildings

A steel aircraft hangar may be the very best way to protect your investment whether you fly planes for business or pleasure. The ideal solution would keep your plane out of the weather, protected against theft and vandalism, and yet provide ample room for maintenance and repairs. Our aviation customers agree; a steel airplane hangar is the ideal solution.

There is no inexpensive aspect to aviation. Between the risks of damage from the elements and the need to secure your investment, it’s no wonder Peak Steel is seeing increased demand for steel airplane hangars.

You’ll enjoy all sorts of benefits when you house your aircraft in a steel airplane hangar. Here are just a few:

  • Low maintenance, high durability, energy efficiency
  • Protection from the elements, fire, termites, and earthquakes
  • Easy to secure
  • Quick builds
  • Custom design and engineering

Experience the Power of Steel Aircraft Hangars and More

Peak Steel doesn’t stop with airplane hangars, though. Once you’ve enjoyed the benefits of steel for housing your aircraft, you might also want to look at:

  • T-Hangars
  • Storage space for helicopters
  • Glider storage
  • Equipment storage facilities
  • Column-free interiors
  • High eave heights

Steel buildings for maintenance tools and equipment