Recreational Buildings

Steel recreational buildings can be a durable and relatively quick way to meet a specific and immediate need. Peak Steel manufactures recreational buildings using only 100% commercial grade red-iron steel. We can build any size or configuration you need your recreational buildings to be. Our selection of accessories is superb, and we always create buildings that are up to code for each customer’s local building codes.

Steel Recreational Buildings Come In Every Shape and Size

What kind of recreational buildings are you looking for? Here is a small sample of what we can create out of steel:

  • Banquet halls & Outdoor Pavilions
  • Batting cages & Dugout Covers
  • Bleachers & Concession Stands
  • Community centers
  • Health clubs & Locker Rooms
  • Indoor courts for volleyball, tennis, etc.
  • Paintball facilities
  • Training rooms

Recreational Buildings Shouldn’t Require a Ton of Work

Peak Steel makes it easy to get your new recreational building’s doors open, fast. We ship all the necessary parts for your steel building design right to your building site. Because we work with plants across the country, our customers save a bundle on shipping by cutting the distance materials are shipped. It also means that your bundle arrives that much faster.

With your building materials on site, you have to decide whether you will put up the building yourself, or if you would like us to send a qualified erector to handle the project for you. If you decide to DIY it, rest assured that we will be happy to take your calls and answer all of your questions throughout the process.

Let the Games Begin, Faster!

When you need an indoor space built quickly and efficiently, Peak Steel has just what you are looking for. Our buildings are constructed to withstand years of wind and weather. You will never have to worry about mold, mildew, or termites with a steel building. If you need the facility to be insulated, we can do that too. Need some roll-up cargo doors and a few skylights? No problem. Worried about water runoff? We can even provide you with gutters.

Some other steel building manufacturers use wood or light gauge tube steel in their construction, Peak Steel only uses the strongest steel and I-beams. We know that this choice provides our customers with far more durable and long-lasting buildings.


Multi-Purpose Is the Name of the Game with Steel Recreational Buildings

We can put together several different types of building construction. What we do for you really depends on what you intend to use the building for. We do a lot of wide, flat-roofed building for gyms and aircraft hangars so that they have plenty of clearance. Sloped-roof buildings are popular and versatile, and the slope allows rainwater to flow away efficiently. Our multiple span buildings are the widest available – we have built them over 600 feet wide!

Alternatively, if you have an existing building that you want to add on to, we offer a lean-to construction option. This could be the perfect way to add storage space, more offices, or locker rooms to your current facility.