Hallway Systems

Hallway systems are a crucial part of any mini-storage building design and a great way to maximize income on vacant warehouse space. You’ve got to give people a way to get from here to there, without breaking the bank or compromising the structural integrity of the building. That means proper lighting, insulation, door structures and different options to ensure your building works exactly the way you need it to. At Peak Steel, we offer a huge variety of customizable options to ensure you get exactly what you need in any building you design with us.

Installed, Insulated Hallway Systems for Climate Control

Many customers need buildings that are climate controlled. If, for instance, you run a mini storage unit building, your hallways must be insulated to avoid moisture from entering the building, and to ensure it doesn’t get too hot or cold. While the latter can cause serious buckling or warping – which can damage your building as well as the items in individual units – the former can make mildew more likely, deteriorating people’s possessions and harming your business’s good name. That’s why all of our buildings have the option to install insulation for climate control.


Proper Lighting for Your Hallway Systems

Lighting is crucial. Lights that are poorly wired, dim or too widely spaced can make storage units unsafe, and not being able to see can make accidents or slips more likely for customers and employees. You can avoid this with lighting that is installed by top-quality professionals, adequate for the exact needs or your buildings, and bright enough to meet your every need, whether it’s related to commercial shops, aviation, worship or any other business model or activity. If you are a local business here in Georgia, our experts can help you learn more about the right lighting for you.

Extra Hallways Systems Features

At Peak Steel Buildings we offer all the extras you need to customize your building to the exact specifications required by your business, home or hobby. That includes doors for both customers and personnel, corner guards to ensure safety, filler panels to ensure your building is totally sealed and protected, and extra security to ensure your valuables (and your customers’) are always safe in your buildings. The latter is important whether you’re storing horses or possessions, so we’re behind you all the way.

If you’re looking for hallway systems that come with all the bells and whistles at prices you can afford, installed by experts to give you a no-hassle experience, look no further.